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In Memory of the Best Cats Ever

 If you have lost your beloved cat and would like to have him or her remembered on our Memory Page, please click on the email link below and send your favorite picture and a few words about your spec ial cat.
No one can share your grief more than another cat owner.

Please click here to email a favorite picture of your kitty and a paragraph telling us about him or her to the NTCR webmaster.


Decenber 2022
Loved by Jimmy and Gilda Taylor

Our sweet and loving cat Toulouse passed away on Wednesday, December 7th. It's hard to believe that 10 years have passed since we adopted him from NTCR. Everyday with him was a gift. He could make everything alright by just looking at us. We wanted so much more time with him but are grateful for the time he was with us. We love and miss you so much Toulouse. You'll always have a place in our hearts."


October 2022
Loved by Katy Olivier, NTCR Foster

Beauregard came to NTCR with a heart condition. He was expected to live for just 6 months, but through the dedication of his foster and her tender care, he lived for 6 more years. He is greatly missed.

Cory-August2022 Cory
August 2022
Loved by Beth Kimbler, NTCR Foster
Cory and his sister Candy came to NTCR when they were 11 years old. Fiercely bonded and older cats, they would have had a hard time being rehomed.  Beth took them both in. Cory lived out his life comfortably with his sister. Candy is now bonding with Beth.
Tenison-May2022 Tenison
May 2022
Loved by Gilda
My beloved cat Tenison passed away on Friday, May 13th. She was the light of my life Spunky, feisty, funny and loveble (when she wanted to be). Tenison was 10-11 years old. I'm not exactly sure because she was a stray. I found her in my old apartment complex named Tenison at White Rock in Dallas. I loved her and she loved me. I will truly miss her. I thank her for being in my life for eight years.
Harper-HSM-Passed June2022 Harper
July 2022
Loved by Heather Smith, NTCR Foster
Heather brought little Harper into this world. Without her foster mom, Harper like so many kittens would have been born in a shelter and possibly euthenized. Sadly, Harper had a lung problem. She received the best care thanks to donations from our cat lovers and a devoted foster. She and Heather fought the brave battle to save little Harper but in the end love and medical care just weren't enough. 
 GUS-BKI-Passed June2022 GUS
June 2022
Loved by Beth Kimbler, NTCR Foster
Gus was Beth's own treasured kitty. It was Gus, Eliot, and the other kittens brought home by Beth many years ago that began her love affair with cats. She couldn't walk past that box of kittens then and she still can't. The world is a better place with people like Beth in it. 
Eliot-BKI-Dec2021 Eliot
December 2021
Loved by Beth Kimbler, NTCR Foster
Eliot was not a fostered cat, but he patiently became the big brother when the fosters showed up. His mom and foster brothers and sisters mourn his loss.  There was never a cat loved more than Eliot.
Scotty-AMC-Nov2021 Scotty
November 2021
Loved by Aline McKenzie and Lydia Miller, NTCR Fosters
Scotty was a tough ol' stray tomcat with a heart of gold. He came into our care with feline leukemia and went into the hospice foster care program. He lived 8 months as a sweet, affectionate office buddy. We miss his loud purr and his never ending battle to lie on the keyboard.
Loved by Cindy Conant
Sandy came to our family from Prairie Paws in the spring of 2004 after my battle with Breast Cancer. She was feisty, sweet, talkative and extremely loyal. She loved to the max. She passed Tuesday Oct 26 of TCC. 18+ years old.

January 2021
Loved by Beth Kimbler, NTCR Foster

Tank came to NTCR when his human passed away and no one in the family could keep him.   He was 14-16 years old with kidney and thyroid problems, so it was decided to keep him in hospice care where he lived a great life with his foster mom and foster siblings. He is very much missed by the Kimbler household. 


January 2021
Loved by Angie and Chris Heick, NTCR Fosters

There will never be another Moto. Here he is during the beginning of the COVID pandemic helping his mom make masks.

Figaro-Katie Olivier

November 2020
Loved by Katie Olivier, NTCR Foster

Figaro was a very ill senior cat when he came to NTCR. He was given hospice care by Katie, which enabled him to live a comfortable final year. He was a cat made to love on.

Foxy-Ana Nimon

August 2020
Loved by Ana and David Nimon

Foxy was our Siamese mix baby. She loved to get right up in our face and just give us love. We will miss her terribly, and I keep thinking she'll be just around the corner. 

Rudy-July2020 Rudy
July 2020
Loved by Kristina Cabrera and her family.

I miss you!
I miss you every minute of every day!
I miss you when I let Sadie out in the morning & you're not there.

I miss you when I let Sadie out for the last time at night and you're not there.
I miss you every moment I go to open the backdoor and just want you to come back in.
I miss you!

Fenton Fenton
May 2020
Loved by Beth and Cary St. Pierre Christiansen

Beth and Cary are NTCR Fosters and their cats and dogs live in a home of love and lots of laughter.Fenton was a big part of that. He will be missed forever.
Nick-June McClave-Feb2020 Nick
February 2020
Loved by June and Bart McClave
At night, I swear that Nick is on the bed.I miss him so much. Cry


GilbertTroubleCat3 Gilbert Trouble Cat
3/5/2017 - 2/23/2020
Loved by Karen and Christopher Ledford
Gilbert was my first cat, and he will forever hold a special place in my heart. I first met him at an NTCR adoption event while we were fostering another cat, and I had a good feeling about him. Not long after that, we adopted him, and life was good! A heart condition took him from us way too soon, but despite that, he lived his life to the fullest and every day with him was precious. I know he will be waiting for me at the rainbow bridge, and will be at the ready to affectionately nibble and bite at me in his playful Gilbert way. I will love you forever, my Gilb.
Tigger1-AnnCote Tigger
Loved by Ann and Kevin Coté
Tigger came into our lives when he was just a tiny kitten.  A coworker had a litter of kittens that she was trying to find homes for and we couldn’t resist the orange tabby!   We named him Tigger because he always looked like he was bouncing about when playing with the other cats or his toys.  He was a very independent kitty and we enjoyed 15 wonderful years with this sweet boy.  It broke our hearts when we had to say our final goodbyes, but he is not forgotten and will always have a special place in our hearts.

Loved by Ron and Marj Cooley
Abigail filled our life with such love and joy that it took two cats to help fill the empty house and that still isn't enough. She’ll never be forgotten.